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Possible scam involving Cabot Fire Department | News

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Possible scam involving Cabot Fire Department

CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) – Local fire departments are sending out a warning about a possible telephone scam.

Some Cabot and Searcy residents have said that they have received calls from someone identifying themselves as a firefighter asking for monetary donations, even offering to come and pick the money up.

Cabot Fire Chief Phillip Robinson cautioned to be wary if you get a call from someone identifying themselves as a firefighter asking for donations.

“A lot of times, because we are firefighters and we tend to help people, for the most part, folks will use the title of firefighter when they call and ask for money from somebody,” said Robinson.

Robinson said this isn’t the first time someone has picked up the phone and falsely identified them as a firefighter.

“They would call, and during the collection process, they would say this is firefighter so and so from Cabot Fire Department, when in fact they were not firefighters with us. They were just with the fundraising company that was raising money for us,” said Robinson.

Though the Arkansas State Firefighters Association does make calls for donations, police warn against giving out any personal information or money over the phone.

According to Beau Hines with the Arkansas State Firefighters Association, legitimate calls from the association can be identified in these ways:

1. No one will ever identify themselves as a firefighter

2. The caller will sometimes set pickup times

3. They do computerized receipts not hand written receipts

4. Recently they have been calling residents in Sherwood and Jacksonville, but not Cabot and Searcy. They will likely be contacting residents in the Wynne area soon

“Somebody could portray themselves as whatever they wanted to for just a split second and you give them money and they be long gone,” said Sgt. Keith Graham with the Cabot Police Department. “I would suggest probably asking for that person to send something by mail to have a record of it so they can see if it's an actual reputable company they are going to be donating to.”

Robinson said if you have any doubts, you can also contact your local fire department. He said those wanting to make a monetary donation can do so at city hall. There, they can also get a receipt for their donation.