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Cabot schools finding new ways to teach | News

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Cabot schools finding new ways to teach

CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) -- New technology and new methods are helping kids learn better than ever before.

Students at Cabot Middle School South are connecting in the way that they learn best, and through their own interests.

Tonya Choate's sixth grade classroom in Cabot is an example of the way classrooms are changing.

“Differentiation is designing lessons that meet the needs of each of the children independently, because all of the children in the classrooms are very diverse now and children have independent needs,” said Choate.

“Not all students learn the same way-- some students may learn by writing or taking notes, while other students might prefer a laptop; it’s all about personalized learning.”

Laptops help teachers see how much content each child understands, that way they know what topics to cover more in depth.

“Our children have been using Chromebooks for so long that I feel their very comfortable with it.”

 Students like Jackson Osborn and Amber Alsup believe discussion in the classroom helps them build off of each other.

“If we’re discussing our umm prompts with someone, they can really help us and if we share it with Mrs. Choate she can help us to make it better.”

With this type of learning, Arkansas teachers are trying to engage their students by creating motivating assignments to meet diverse needs and varied interests in the classroom.