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The Theba Thing: Women who like MMA

The Theba Thing: Women who like MMA

"The Theba Thing" is about stepping out of my comfort zone, meeting new people and trying the things that have been on my mind and heart.

I have watched Mixed Martial Arts for years now.  How did this happen?  Well, I was channel surfing one night and caught two men in this cage-like thing - called The Octagon - not just boxing; but kicking, wrestling and engaged in all of these other creative and amazing maneuvers.  I’m sure my interest to stop on this channel also had something to do with these incredibly-built, bare-chested men. I’m not going to lie.  

Nevertheless, I was amazed by the sport itself, because it’s so action packed. You couldn't count anyone out.  A guy could be taller or smaller; have major muscles or look like he’s never lifted a barbell. You just never knew who was going to win with a punch, a submission, a kick, or a leg-lock.

What's happening in Cabot?

What's happening in Cabot?

Monday, Sept. 26

6:30 pm - Police & Fire Committee Meeting| City Annex


Tuesday, Sept.27

8 am - Economic Development Committee Meeting| Chamber Office

Noon - Cabot Rotary Club| Colton’s Steakhouse


Wednesday, Sept. 28

10 am - Ribbon Cutting  Denali Coffee Company, 110 Rainbow Drive

Noon - Kiwanis Club |The Diner, 3286 S. Second St.



Oct.1 - Cabot City Beautiful Clean-up Day


PA vs. Cabot highlights

Highlights from Showcase Game of the Week of Pulaski Academy vs. Cabot High School

Week 2 of high school football

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It's week two of THV Game Night and we've got cameras spread out all over the state.

Mark Edwards is live on "Today's THV at 6:00" in West Little Rock at Robinson High School where the Senators are playing a double header tonight.

Make golf a family event

Make golf a family event

The PGA Family Course Program allows the entire family to get out on the course by giving younger and beginner golfers a more manageable playing field. Provided through a partnership with The PGA of America and U.S. Kids Golf, the Family Course Program enables golf facilities to turn their regulation 9- or 18-hole course into a “short course” experience through the use of PGA Family Tee Markers- making regulation courses the perfect place for beginners and seasoned golfers to play together!

To expand on the Family Course Program, The PGA of America and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) teamed up to place PGA Family Course Tee Markers at many of its municipal courses nationwide to make golf more accessible to families.

Listed below are courses near you that have PGA Family Course Tee Markers. 

  • Greystone Country Club (Mt.